Check out these Startups: Off & Away, UJam, FluidDB, ChompOn

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As one of the two successors of the TechCrunch 50 conference, TechCrunch Disrupt has helped introduce a new row of startups. Some of the most interesting:

Off & Away

Off & Away is a sort of Swoopo for hotel rooms. Users can make bids on otherwise unaffordable hotel rooms. Should they happen to not get the room on offer, they can apply a portion of their bids against booking a more affordable room chosen from a large pool of partner hotels (“Five Star Hotels At Motel Prices”). So far the best attempt at applying the Swoopo model to another market seen to date.


UJam is a music startup out of Germany who can take simple melodies and create complex musical compositions out of them (“UJAM Turns Whistling, Humming, And Even Tone-Deaf Singing Into Musical Masterpieces Read”).


FluidDB is a new database concept with which data can be quickly and flexibly shared and combined across different applications in an ad-hoc manner (“FluidDB Aims To Become the Wikipedia of DataBases”). The real time web has been challenging the current day database technologies, therefore there is a lot of experimentation going on in this area.


The Groupon inspired ChompOn allows businesses to create their own deal of the day (“ChompOn Is A White-Label Platform For Groupon-Like Deals”):


“ChompOn’s platform allows businesses to easily create a deal of the day (which is hosted on ChompOn), and set limits on the discount, how many people can access the sale and how long the sale is available for. The business can send the deal out via a link on Twitter, over email, and on Facebook.

ChompOn also aims to help businesses create repeat customers by offering extra discounts for users who Fan their Facebook page, share the deal on Twitter or write a Yelp review.”

Previously we’ve also reported on SyncFu, who also offer a Groupon-like solution for retailers.

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