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Jason Falls friends at Postrank unveiled yet another cool public tool this week. Postrank Labs now allows you to compare and contrast three separate websites based on their engagement scores. Consider it kind of a view of a given blog or website’s engagement rather than traffic.

Something he noticed about Labs was that it also delineated out five subdomains within each website and scored their respective engagement score. This was the first I’d ever seen someone have the ability to determine differences between subdomains. Certainly, the information is there and accessible somehow (otherwise Postrank wouldn’t have it), but I’d not seen it yet.

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I’m sure some techy is going to make fun of me for not tapping into publicly available API data and cross-grid hexing some morpheous node to flip on the sphincter, but I don’t know how to do that, so put a sock in it and get back to your World of Warcraft, dork.

The division and comparison of subdomains is interesting, even exciting, because it gives public relations professionals, marketers and anyone else trying to determine which blogs are more important, impactful or influential the ability to do so within, ( and blogs. If a blog is run from one of those services and is “hosted” or contained within the servers, for example, it appears as When you typically run traffic or engagement reports on the domain, you get results for everything on which is essentially useless.

Being the general pain in the ass I can be, I asked Carol Leaman, Postrank’s lovely (and patient) CEO, if I might get my hands on the sub-domain data for the three services mentioned. She gave me that and then some. (So much so that I can’t possibly cover it in this post. Hint.)

Without further ado, here’s a listing of the top 10 blogs, based on cumulative Postrank engagement scores (look here to learn what that encompasses) for the last three months, of each of the three major blogging subdomains. To access more of the lists, you or your developer (provided they aren’t tied up with Lord of the Rings … heh) can apply for and access that data through Postrank’s API.

Rank Score Author Topic
1 583664 Ann Althouse Legal
2 462474 Stacie Vaughan Product Reviews
3 371812 Mike Shedlock Investments
4 329717 Tolis Voskopoulos Greek Politics
5 298527 Melissa McEwan Politics/Pop Culture
6 288925 Mayor of Claycord Contra Costa Co. News
7 285463 Google Staff Official Google Blog
8 284178 Gryphen Politics
9 271342 Joe Albero Salisbury (Md.) News
10 264054 Dark UFO Lost/TV/Pop Culture
Rank Score Author Topic
1 206361 Citizen Wells Legal/Current Events
2 171672 RD Politics/Current Events
3 166652 Reblogging Staff Pop Culture/Gay Issues
4 166082 Yogi’s Warrior Arsenal Football Club (Soccer)
5 137065 Paulo Guinote Portuguese Education
6 111565 Omid Hosaini Middle Eastern Issues
7 85610 Tennis Planet staff Tennis
8 83526 Not Determined Romanian Politics/Society
9 80576 Panos Greek Politics
10 77266 PD Portuguese Adult/Pornography
Rank Score Author Topic
1 274481 Seth Godin Marketing
2 179591 Mark Thoma Economics
3 140983 Tom MacQuire Politics
4 118310 Daryl Lorette Personal Blog/Issues
5 93754 Shmarya Rosenberg Orthodox Judaism
6 93562 Daniel Finkelstein London Times Columnist
7 85972 Pamela Geller Politics/Religion
8 69298 Bradford DeLong Economics
9 61757 Dennis LaComb Conservative Politics
10 59339 Wil Wheaton Celebrity Blog/Writing

I found the lists interesting and have some thoughts that might bubble up, but I’m more interested in hearing your reactions. What do you think of the top blogs in each platform. Any surprises? Any anomalies? The comments are yours.

NOTE: Some of the blogs contain content that might be offensive or unsuitable for your tastes. Click through at your own risk.

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