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After years of trying to find the right solution for small business owners, I have now come up with a selection of “Social Media Plans” that have been designed to work for any business owner. Thanks to a great team of people I have around me!!!

Beginner: You might be a start-up and have limited funds and your time is taken up with getting the business up and running

Intermediate: As a small business owner, you know Social Media is an area you should be looking at, but understanding “How to” and “What to do” can be very frustrating

Professional: You are using social media, but not seeing the return you had hoped for

Professional +: Monetising social media is part of your sales & marketing strategy

To find out more about which package is right for you, please contact me on 020 8123 3730 or www.warren-knight.com

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T: 07515 339 777 – O: 020 8123 3730
E: warren@warren-knight.com
W: www.warren-knight.com

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