The Future of Web of Applications

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One of the highlights of the Next Web Conference was the presentation from Amazon CTO Werner Vogels, who has taken a look 4-5 years forward at the future of web applications (“The Future of Web Building Blocks”):

“When we talk about building blocks for Internet applications currently we still talk about pretty low level stuff, but slowly there is an ecosystem developing that provides higher level services that are going to be the building blocks for a deluge of revolutionary new applications.
Werner will show how new services that that are coming into existence today in areas such telco, geo, media, graphing, bigdata, are going to drive development of applications that could not be built before.”

The Next Weblog has summarized the presentation:

“Vogels insists that in the future, all apps will need to include a core set of functionalities: rich media experience; multi-device access; location context aware; real-time presence driven; social graph based; user generated content; virtual goods economy; recommendations; integrated with social networks; and advertisement and premium support.

Vogels went through a number of infrastructure cloud-based services including (file sharing), Panda (security), SimpleGeo (location), Animoto (video), Twilio (VoIP), Echo (real-time conversation), Amazon Mechanical Turk (crowdsourced human labor), Social Gold (virtual currency), Charify (payments), OpenX (advertising), 80Legs and github (development).”

See also Werner Vogels’ last blog entry on the topic of “I am looking for new application and platform services”

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