Is Social Bookmarking with Sociable?

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If you haven’t heard of before, it’s a nice little service that allows you to add a heap of your social media and social bookmarking accounts and post updates to all of your added networks in one go, which can be done directly through the site or with SMS, Email, instant messaging bots, or an automatic WordPress plugin.

Obviously this is a bit of a sensitive area as on one hand being able to update forty or so social bookmarking sites in one go sounds like a nice way of creating a lode of quick social media bookmark links automatically, which despite generally being no followed and from low authority profile pages can add up to have some quick win value, but on the other hand it’s just the kind of tool that if used unethically is going to eventually make social media unsociable. So how does an ethical seo use

Well I guess you could manage forty or so different blogging and bookmarking accounts and use them to build up communities but lets face it, the value that you would get from doing this on 90% of those communities probably wouldn’t justify the amount of time spent so we can rule that out.

After playing around with for a few days I found the best way to use the service was to make use of the syntax filters to publish content only to those networks that it will add value to. This essentially means I can use as a way to store all of my login details and when I want to publish a blog post, send a bookmark or publish something to Twitter and Facebook but not Linkedin I can – doing it this way gives a bit more control than using RSS apps and only requires remembering one password to update all of your networks, thanks! thanks


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