5 Great Facebook Landing Pages

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Now that you’ve become situated with Facebook Fan Pages, you need to customize it and direct the flow of the traffic by creating a landing page.  The expression, “first impressions last a lifetime,” is a 100% true when dealing with Fan Pages.  You want to leave a lasting impression with fans by creating content that is interesting and can be updated for current events.  This is an opportunity for you to attract new fan members by offering a fun interactive experience that will entice them to come back again and again.

Here are 5 Facebook Fan Pages with great looking landing pages.

Victoria’s Secret Pink – VS Pink’s Landing page is one of the best in that it invites the fan to explore new promotions and join the Pink Nation.

Skittles – Has a great landing page, Taste The Rainbow!  They invite fans to share Skittles with friends, and display recent advertisements.

Gap – Gap customized their landing page to represent their style and brand.

iTunes – Has similar attributes as www.apple.com showing the latest in iTunes and what musicians  consumer are looking for.

Sean John – Has content updates, keeping fans in the know with new videos and features.

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