10 Non-Industry SEO Resources and Articles – SEO Mainstreaming

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One obvious Web trend in 2010 is what I’d like to call SEO mainstreaming. SEO goes prime time so to say.

A few people still try to “pull a Calacanis” and tell you that SEO is a dirty word while at the same time spamming Google with fake SEO articles. Nonetheless many other, more sane publishers outside the SEO industry acknowledge that SEO is an indispensable part of any and every Web endeavor.

Thus they publish their own resources and articles dealing with SEO and search marketing. Sadly they don’t get the attention they truly deserve while everybody notices those few who dismiss SEO.

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publications are among those who deal with SEO these days. Even Dilbert covers SEO! I’d like to feature 10 resources and articles from these non-industry resources this time.

  1. How To Use Video SEO To Jump To The Top Of Google Search Results – Techcrunch
  2. App Store SEO: The Impact of iTunes Web Preview – theAppleBlog
  3. Free SEO Icons Set (16 Icons, Private Use Only) – Noupe
  4. Setting Up WordPress for SEO | 1stWebdesigner Graphic and Web Design Blog
  5. Domain names, misspellings and SEO – Business news by SmartCompany
  6. Asok Lost His Soul – The official Dilbert website
  7. Learn SEO in just two hours – Journalism.co.uk
  8. Big Media or Big SEO Spammers? – GigaOM
  9. Business Insider’s Dirty SEO Tactics – Social Times
  10. What Can YOU Do For Better SEO? (Without Being An Expert) | SocialMouths

The quality of the SEO advice and resources offered is quite high especially compared to the nonsense a few people spread to this day. I’m glad that SEO becomes mainstream. Finally common sense prevails over ill-fated boldness and provocation.

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