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Your Facebook Fan Page is all set up, but there’s just something missing that makes your fan page you!  Facebook has an app called Static FBML (which does not work on your personal profile) that allows you to design a web site within Facebook.  This app will add a box to your page which you can customize and edit through HTML or FBML (Facebook Mark-up Language).  The possibility of what you can add to your page is endless and the experience your fans will participate in can be exciting and engaging.  By using the Static FBML tab creator, your page can have specialized tabs that are better designed to function for your needs.

Although learning HTML and FBML may take some time to become fluent in it, so here are some Basic HTML that can get you started:

To make a word clickable to another website:
<A title=”whatever the name of the linked page is” HREF=””>word you want clickable</A>

To insert a picture:
<IMG SRC=””>

To insert a picture so that it is linked to a website:

<a href=”” target=”_blank”><img src=”http://www.whereverthepicturelives/picturename.jpg” alt=”whatever this is a picture of including a keyword or two”  border=”0″></a>

To skip down to the next line:

To skip a whole line between items:

To center something:
<CENTER>whatever whatever</CENTER>

To make words BOLD:
<B>whatever word you want bold</B>

To make words ITALIC:
<I>whatever word you want italicized</I> (that is the capital letter “i”)

To change the font size (1 seems to be normal small font, go up from there by changing the number and saving, then checking it):
<font size=”3″>whatever word(s) you want larger</font> thanks


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