7 headline formulas that work well

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Here are 7 headline formulas that work well for me as a Social Commerce expert and they can for you too:
1. Tell a story.
“When Michael Jackson started to play “Billie Jean”, I stared to do the moonwalk.”
2. Make a recommendation.
“The 5 best Stocks You Must Own NOW.”
3. State a benefit.
“Managing Linex Data Centers – Once Difficult, Now Easy.”
4. Make a comparison.
“How to reduce your carbon footprint – in Half the time of traditional reports.”
5. Use words that help the reader visualise.
“Why Some Foods ‘Explode’ In Your Stomach.”
6. Use a testimonial.
“He achieved $1 Million dollars in 1 month, what an amazing salesman.”
7. Offer a free special report, catalog, or booklet.
Do you have a special headline formula, that works well for you?


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