Speed Mentoring – Want to know more???

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Rockstar Group is pleased to introduce an event that brings the speed format to entrepreneurial mentoring

Speed Mentoring

This is a unique opportunity to find out – in just one evening – about the many benefits specific to you and your business through focused mentoring.

You will meet accomplished Rockstar mentors for speedy 1-2-1 mentoring sessions in a structured format that guarantees valuable interactions covering all our mentoring subject areas. They’ll also be additional insight offered by dedicated face to face, group based mentoring which is included with the fully featured premium Rockstar packages.

The Mentoring Areas Covered Are:

New Business / Marketing / Team Building/ Business Plans / Accountancy / Sales / PR / Growth Strategy / Research & Customer Care / Finance & Technical

This event is unmissable for anyone in business who has considered mentoring, but has so far been uncertain how to proceed.

I will be focusing on SALES and how to engage with your target market and turn them into profit.

The event will be held on the 7th floor of the prestigious Regus St James’s Park office.


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