Social Commerce and How To Use Social Media In Your Sales Process

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We usually talk about social media for marketing and promotions, but what about sales?

“Social Commerce” is utilising various social networking platforms to ultimately achieve a SALE and then continue to add value to that consumer by adding value to hold onto a lifelong loyal customer.

I’ve had great success with friending prospects on social media sites as part of my sales process. It’s important to note that some people use facebook only for personal use and aren’t comfortable connecting with business associates there. People have different boundaries for different sites, so don’t take it personally if your friend requests aren’t all accepted.

The social networking site that’s a definite business safe zone is LinkedIn. Experiment with connecting with prospects on LinkedIn as a step in your sales process. For example, you might find them on LinkedIn after your initial phone call, or you might connect with everyone who has signed up to receive your newsletter.

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This can serve a few purposes.

It’s always in your favor to open as many communication channels with prospects as possible. Make it easy for potential clients to contact you whether it be through email, twitter, phone, Linkedin, etc.

You’re now connected to each other for the long-term. It will serve as a reminder to the prospect that you’re around, both for future needs and referrals to others.

You can also use LinkedIn’s private messaging and status update features to regularly communicate with prospects – whether an invitation to a local talk or sending out a relevant article.

Although it may sound odd, social media friending can actually create a step towards intimacy with the prospect. We connect with people we know, so you’re now a little more of a colleague and a little less of a salesman.

Twitter is another fantastic platform to earn money, by sharing information that other people find relevent and they inturn share it with their followers.

Adding value and being consistant are 2 of the main ways of achieving sales, now and in the future.


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