Promoting yourself and your twibe

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I hope you are having success making new friends on Twibes. Another fun byproduct of participating in twibes conversations is the exposure it gives you to new followers. Here are some tips for promoting yourself and your twibe.
1. Get listed.

Being on twitter lists increases your credibility. You can get listed on Twibes by tagging yourself with up to 10 keywords that describe you. For example, if you tag yourself with “photography” you will be added to the Twibes photography twitter list. You or other people can then build a Twitter list from the tag which contains all of the people who tagged themselves photography. For more info on Twibes lists, see:

2. Get more followers by getting ranked.

Each Twibe has a two mini scoreboards. There is one for the most mentioned people in the twibe, and for the most followed. The followers score actually indicates the number of followers that have been received from the twibe page. By participating in conversations (replying to people) your rank on the most mentioned scoreboard will increase. This will lead to more people following you from the twibe page!

With regard to followers, the key is to “cash in on your passion.” If you are genuine in your interest in your twibe’s topic, and always there to discus it with others, you will get more followers naturally.


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