Retailers not convinced about alcohol labelling switch.

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Retailers back clear alcohol labelling to give customers information and they’ve taken comprehensive action over the last few years to provide it but they’re unconvinced changing to a new system will help.

Reacting to Conservative public health proposals entitled a Healthier Nation published on Wednesday, the British Retail Consortium said retailers are at the forefront of driving responsible attitudes to alcohol and have been using the Department of Health’s alcohol unit labelling on their own-brand products for the past two years.

The BRC says there would need to be evidence that centilitres of alcohol labelling would be more effective than the well established unit labelling system which is now on virtually all own-brand alcohol products and is increasingly gaining customer acceptance.

Stephen Robertson, British Retail Consortium Director General, said: “Retailers fully support clear information for customers – that’s why our members have been rolling out the Department of Health’s alcohol unit labelling on their own-label products for the past two years.

“It’s not the only way of providing information but it’s the one we’ve invested in and is increasingly being accepted by customers.

“We’d need to see evidence that changing to another system would produce benefits outweighing the cost and confusion from making the switch.

“Retailers are already driving sensible attitudes to alcohol through initiatives, such as funding Drinkaware and Challenge 25, which prevents under-age sales. We believe in responsible drinking too.

“But, the proposal to ban low cost alcohol will not make a difference. There is no link between the price of alcohol and irresponsible consumption. What will work is cultural change and that is what retailers are helping to achieve.” thanks Retail Bulletin


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