Britain’s most successful entrepreneurs to help advise small businesses

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Optomen Television, creators of award winning television, including BBC2’s Mary, Queen of Shops are producing an exciting new series for Channel 5 looking at the major issues that small businesses face on a daily basis in today’s recession-soaked world.  We’ll be working with one of Britain’s most successful entrepreneurs to help advise small businesses, helping to investigate everything from controlling cash flow to increasing profit margins.  We can see that some small businesses are feeling that they’re stuck in a rut and should be taking an informed risk to grow – just how they do this is often enough to stop people in their tracks, but we’d like to change this.

With 30,000 independent businesses estimated to go bust this year we all acknowledge that it couldn’t be a tougher time to run a small business in Britain and any bit of help should be a good thing.   The series will purposefully air just before the election as most people believe that small businesses will be a very hot topic and what will really get the economy moving again.  We all know that it’s the small businesses not the banks who are actually funding the country and it’s about time that this became our main focus!

We’re at the casting stage of the series and looking for small businesses to take part.  We want people who are passionate about what they do but maybe don’t have the time to step back and take an overall view of the business. The idea is that we’ll send in a very successful entrepreneur who’ll spend 2 weeks working with you to address any issues you need help with.  We’re planning to film around January/February.

Please pass these details on to ask them to fill in the attached questionnaire (and include a photo) in as much detail as possible and email it back to us at It will give us a better idea of the background of your business.

Please contact me, so I can send you the form.


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