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The best time to look for international clients is NOW. Companies downsize, focus on core products or services and look for new and innovative companies to work with to keep their niche in the market.

Disney, CNN and Hewlett Packard were all born out of a recession and many companies increase market share by having a strong vision, passion and belief in their products and service.

YOU have a great product or service and want to expand your business internationally, but only have some or no experience in working in foreign currencies, international relationships or shipping overseas. Should you set up a local office or have a joint venture? The questions are endless.

For over 15 years I have been selling into more than 40 countries and buying out of China for 11 years I have achieved 10’s millions of dollars worth of sales successfully, by knowing the correct path to take when working with each individual company.

Disney and Nickelodeon are just 2 brands I have sold internationally for over 5 years. Having the opportunity to listen, meet and speak to the individuals that continue to build these brands has given me an in-depth knowledge of global domination.

Using this mindset I have worked with a greater understanding of the future, enabling me to delivery one-year programs to coincide with Movie and DVD releases into retailers such as Tesco, Carrefour, Wal-Mart and Aldi.

I have taken all of this education and experience and am now sharing it by facilitating training, seminars and delivering Consultancy assignments. I have put together an ebook for you to download which will assist you on your journey into International Business.

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