Thats what I like, when clients are happy!!!

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3 months ago, I was asked by Jonathan Pfahl to work with his website design and give his online presence a new look, set up a membership structure whilst automating the business to focus on bringing in business. Social media was to play a big part in achieving that outcome and a strategy was put in place.

After getting the website live in 1 month and spending 2 months testing and tweaking, this is what Jonathan had to say:

“Warren was instrumental in putting together and then overseeing the development of our new site, back end system and social media strategy. His experience and delivery was brilliant. I highly recommend his services”

Jonathan Pfahl, Managing Director, The Rockstar Group

Thank you Jonathan, it was a pleasure working with you and watching your business grow

If you are interested in turning your business around, please contact me, as I have 1 consultancy space available from January 2010


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