Go and see Roger Hamilton live in the UK

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I think you would agree, these are times of change.

With the current economic and financial conditions, every entrepreneur will be focusing on stabilising their business in 2009 and now more than ever, you need to not only work hard but also work smart.

The problem is knowing where to focus your energy when there is so much going on around you – mastering the art of clarity and certainty is essential to your business succeeding.

If there is one person I suggest you invest some time with in 2009, it’s Roger Hamilton.

Roger is a best-selling author, wildly successful entrepreneur and one of the world’s leading expert on entrepreneurship and social entrepreneurship.

Through studying the great leaders in history, Roger has discovered there are only 8 ways to wealth.

Each way has a different path and it was not until I discovered my path did I truly start understanding and excelling in business. The content, value and insight Roger provides over 2 hours is quite profound.

If you are feeling a little worried and overwhelmed about what’s to come over the next 12 months, Roger will be here in November and my good friends at Triumphant Events have offered me discounted tickets for only £59 (normally £269). You can book by clicking the link below:


All the best,
Warren Knight


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