Spiralling to Business Success – See Warren Knight alongside Alan Bates

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As many of you know, Rockstar re-launched its website at the beginning of October and there are some really exciting upgrades which now allow you to benefit more from your Rockstar Membership than ever before.

Jonathan Pfahl, MD of The Rockstar Group of Companies, will be going through some of the exciting upgrades as well as  sharing with you some of his most recent and exciting lessons in business.

Here are your Guest Speakers for this event:

Our first speaker and Platinum level mentor, Alan Bates alongside Warren Knight

Having written books on Social Media for Business, Sales and International Business, Warren is an expert in Social Media, brand recognition and increasing sales globally for any product driven business both On/Off line.”

Please go to http://rockstarmentor.eventbrite.com/ to book your tickets for this Thursday at 6.30pm


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