Social Media for Business

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I am a social media consultant strategist and the Co-Founder and Director of, a portal for real time lifestyle enhancements with Products, Services and Experts. I help small to medium businesses understand the various social media tools and strategies out there and how they can be leveraged for internal collaboration or for external communication/marketing/relationship building (or other business goals and objectives).

I understand the value of a potential customer visiting your website, and how to capture their contact details, and automate the backend of your website to send autoresponders, broadcasts, newsletters. Setting up an affiliate program for you, to have partners and joint ventures to sell help your products and services, is a vital part of your online growth and brand awareness.

I’m the author of socialmedia4business, an ebook that is all about social media for business, building your profile and designing your strategy. Our clients include companies such as,,, and many others.

You can download the free version of my ebook and it will give you a small insight into some of the over 350 social networks. My full version will give you the technique and tools to do it yourself.


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