Collaborative brand SuperMotif launches

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Bringing fashion and design together, SuperMotif is a new 360-degree collaborative collective. The new brand is all about creating clothing and other decorative products such as homeware, ceramics, and motorbike helmets will launch early 2010.Open platform SuperMotif invites designers to collaborate with it on all aspects of product and brand design. Its designers design the shapes, the motifs and the logos for all SuperMotif lines. By placing commissions for cutting-edge product design and other creative work on, SuperMotif’s mission is to keep standards sky high and create basics with super motifs.

The commissions are open to all aspiring creative’s. Everything is sourced from and created by, the SuperMotif community. All products are then sold in limited edition quantities online and in selected outlets. A range of quality ceramics, soft furnishings and a limited run of unique motorbike helmet designs will be released early in 2010.

Founder Phil Howells commented: “What SuperMotif’s is aiming to do is unique. The brand is inspired by open-source projects like Firefox that create world-beating products through collaboration. It wants to hand the keys to the brand across to the vast pool of talent out there because that is the modern way to create incredible products. The challenge for us all is to reach a standard that eclipses everything else out there.”

Image: Tinhead


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