Microsoft, Scottrade, Southwest Airlines sued over patent

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Another day, another patent claim in the Eastern District of Texas Tyler Division.

On August 14, a company called EMG Technology sued Microsoft, Scottrade Inc and Southwest Airlines over patents claimed to have been breached. The patents relate to the ability to view web sites on cellphones and other small devices.

The patents in question are 7,441,196 – Apparatus and Method of Manipulating a Region on a Wireless Device Screen and 7,020,845 called Navigating Internet Content on a Television using a Simplified Interface and a Remote Control.

EMG alleges that Microsoft breaches the patents in operating system software including Windows CE and Windows Mobile. Scottrade is alleged to have breached the patent by providing financial and stock market information on mobile devices. Southwest, it’s said, breaches the patents by allowing customers to book travel and cargo services reformatted for a small screen.

EMG wants a court case and wants damages, you won’t be surprised to learn.

* Meanwhile, again in the Tyler Division, Allvoice Developments is suing Microsoft over an alleged infringement of patent number 5,799,273 – Automated Proofreading Using Interface Linking Recognized Words to Their Audio Data while Text is being changed. This patent, it’s said, is breached by Microsoft in both Windows XP and Windows Vista, particularly in relation to Microsoft’s Text Services Framework.


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