Ciara Janson from #Hollyoaks for Ann Summers

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Rising star Hollyoaks persona Ciara Janson is the face and body for Ann Summers AW09 campaign ‘Xxxpress’. Staring in ‘Skins’ and ‘About a Boy’ together with actor Nicholas Hoult, in the West End production of New Boy, Janson was selected for her effortless style and glamour.

Currently rehearsing for a role at Edinburgh Festival and touring the country in her role as Doctor Who’s assistant Amy in the BBC audio books, Ciara is also the voiceover for CBBC’s 64 Zoo Lane and Jo within Disney’s animated series of The Famous Five.

The new lingerie and bedroomwear range features various styles and start from £8 for shorts and £22 for bras. Ann Summers has 134 stores throughout the UK and Spain


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