Nintendo announces DSi-Facebook photo integration

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San Francisco (CA) – Nintendo has confirmed that DSi owners will soon be able to upload pictures directly to their Facebook accounts. The function is expected to be available after 5PM PST with a free downloadable system update.

“Using an Internet-connected Nintendo DSi system and the Nintendo DSi Camera application, Facebook members can take pictures with either of the system’s two cameras and upload their photos directly to their Facebook profile,” the company explained.

“While reviewing pictures they’ve stored in the Nintendo DSi Camera album, which includes photos taken by users and manipulated using the built-in interactive lenses, users can simply tap the Facebook icon on the system’s touch screen to instantly transmit photos to the user’s Facebook profile.”

According to Nintendo, the company has sold more than 1.7 million DSi units in the United States alone. The third iteration of the popular DS includes a variety of photo and voice manipulation features that allow users to easily customize data.


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