Do you have a product and want to sell it globally?

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A consultant is usually an expert or a professional in a specific field and has a wide knowledge of the subject matter. A consultant usually engages with multiple and changing clients. Thus, clients have access to deeper levels of expertise than would be feasible for them to retain in-house and to purchase only as much service from the outside consultant as desired. Thank you Wikipedia.

I undertake a limited number of Consultancy projects each year where businesses feel they could benefit from my involvement.

In my personal experience a 6 month intensive relationship is the most effective solution, where I will help you develop your brand, sales & marketing strategy along with your business plan for future financial investment (if necessary).

I tailor and implement specific programs that are designed to raise the standard of professional practice in support of enhancing business performance; I offer a development path to build a strong foundation for the growth of your business.

I work with a strong team of specialists who will also be available to you. Your business may need a logo and website designer, SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) & PPC (Pay Per Click) campaign, shipping, currency conversation, language translation to name but a few.

To request my involvement in your business on a Consultancy basis and to discuss your individual requirements, please email me here.


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