Warren Knight | Mentoring

Warren offers one-to-one mentoring to ambitious, creative entrepreneurs to help you become successful business leaders.

Business mentoring can support and strengthen your business by giving you that all-important sounding board; someone you can bounce ideas and business decisions off of. Mentoring can also help you to realise what you want to achieve. Knowing how to achieve this becomes invaluable in getting a new business off the ground or helping to grow your business.

Warren’s coaching talents have seen him recognised as a Top 10 UK SME Coach and Top 10 Business Advisor.



Why Choose Warren

Warren can help you with the basics of running a successful business. This is something that’s often missed by companies in the excitement of launching a new product or service and initially running a start-up.

Warren can help you realise that instead of a one-year business plan, your company needs a strategy for two maybe three years so it can plan for scalability. As your mentor, he will push you to do this and will also help you to practically implement your plans.

Also, confidentiality is key to a healthy mentorship, as you need someone who you can turn to when you’ve made mistakes. In turn Warren will share things with you about his businesses, creating a mutually respectful relationship.

What others say

  • “If you want a business mentor who is going to hold your hand, tell you are doing well but just to try harder, don't bother contacting Warren. If however, you want to grow your business and more importantly your attitude to your business, then Warren is the man for you.

    “His knowledge and attitude to social commerce is second to none. We have seen our sales grow and also now have a great sales/customer process which we can depend on and grow with.”

    Eva Davies - Director at Hide My TV

  • Time spent with Warren on his 'Mentor Me' scheme was invaluable for a start up company like myself at The Christian Gift Company. His generosity with sharing his vast knowledge, ideas and experience have given me a raft of ideas of how I can best get my products 'out there' as well as how to utilise the various social networking opportunities available and, perhaps most importantly, the confidence that I can use them! Thank you Warren for great insights and advice.

    Marianne Needham - Bennett Owner at The Christian Gift Company

  • Warren is direct, incisive and frank. He gets quickly to the point and his incisive grasp of problems and potential and his profound knowledge of social media backed by years of experience in business make him a valuable ally in promoting and developing a business.
    My turnover has increased by 500% during the first half of this year.

    Zandra Johnson - Owner at Fairytale Furniture Ltd

  • Prior to meeting Warren I felt lost and confused as to how I was going to navigate out of the tough situation I was in. Not only did he offer advice, expertise and guidance in finance, SEO and marketing he also provided me with tools I needed to achieve this. Tasks that filled me with dread and fear became easy and stress free. He didn’t judge me for my past mistakes but just encourage me to change and grow. He has helped me on a business and personal level and his support has been amazing.

    Jo Mason - Chichi Boutique