LinkedIn Success in Six Simple Steps


  • My Six step formula to building your profile and generating leads
  • Build your LinkedIn network with 500 QUALITY business connections
  • How to find potential customers using LinkedIn’s search functionality
  • Get to the top of LinkedIn for your specific keywords in less than 60 seconds
  • Utilise all of LinkedIn’s features to put you one step ahead of your competition
  • How to share targeted and relevant industry information
  • Learn 3 SECRET LinkedIn features you didn’t know about
  • The do’s, and don’ts of your profile image
  • Design and implement a networking strategy


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LinkedIn Success in Six Simple Steps


In this live and free 1 hour webinar, I will take you through the my “Six Step from Path To Purpose” to help you understand how-to use LinkedIn for success and achieve an “All-Star” profile.

I have over 8,000 connections, 220 long-form posts, and over 10,000 content followers on LinkedIn. One of my posts has received over 4500 views, 900 likes and 60 comments and can attribute a 5-figure income JUST from LinkedIn alone, as an “All Star” profile.

Whilst as a business you might have a social media strategy to connect with your target customers, as a business owner, entrepreneur or sales and marketing manager you personally have to decide what YOU want to get from YOUR LinkedIn profile.

Go to the next level and learn “how-to” use LinkedIn via my 21 Day LinkedIn System