Knowledge Club™ 2020 2-hour Virtual Seminar – October 6, 2020

After attending this keynote talk, you will walk away with a digital leadership strategy to implement into your business!

Designed to help future leaders adapt to the challenges of a fast-paced digital environment. It will arm you with the skills needed to lead and adopt the best practices on the use of innovation from within your culture to your customer.

Key Outcomes:

  • Why ‘digital first’ is the future
  • Why innovation is driving digital transformation
  • Case studies of the winners and losers in 2020
  • Methodology of how to innovate
  • How to lead teams remotely as a catalyst leader
  • How business agility will help you thrive
  • How to use emerging technology to drive innovation


October 6th 2020


9am BST / 11am Kuwait Time


Online, register by contacting Vigor Enterprise at or ring at +965 9491 3803