[GRANT FUNDING] How Manufacturers Get Cash For A Digital Marketing Strategy

Calling All Manufacturers!*

In this 30 minute LIVE STREAM on Thursday 15th March 7:00 PM – 7:30 PM Warren Knight will outline how you, as a brand that manufactures in the UK can get access to CASH to help grow your business through digital marketing and business development.

This grant funding is for a project to bring in external expertise to assist with your growing your business.

What’s more – there is no cost to you, the manufacturer, nor to the provider of expertise, for using this service – it is paid for by European funding.

If you are a UK manufacturer just check you meet the criteria below and if you do we would love to extend the invite to you to join Warren on the webinar –

The criteria to be met are:

  • Under 250 staff
  • Under €50 million turnover
  • Under €43 million balance sheet value
  • Not having received more than €200,000 in State Aid (other public/grant funding) in the previous three calendar years.
  • Not owning, nor owned, more than 25% of/by a larger company that would take the overall size of the group over the above 3 criteria limits
  • A manufacturer (which your Companies House listing can usually clarify).

Please also bear in mind that only certain UK regions accept the funding

[GRANT FUNDING] How Manufactures Get Cash For A Digital Marketing Strategy

If you feel you fit the bill please sign up for our LIVE STREAM event

* conditions apply


If you are a UK manufacturer (see list of qualifying criteria) and would like to find out about a grant you can apply for to help with business development and digital marketing, then my LIVESTREAM is for you. Join me on 15th March at 7:00 PM