Getting Past the Gatekeeper and Who to Call & What to Say

The webinar is designed to cure any feeling of “phone phobia” and give YOU the confidence to pick up the phone and find new business opportunities. Together we will be looking at identifying your targets, highlighting the only 3 call types you’ll ever need, then with a quick look at a basic call structure we can then work on perfecting your pitch and giving you a selection of tips and techniques of how to get through to the decision maker.

This interactive session is packed full of practical tips that you can apply to your business, so make sure you’re ready to take lots of notes as this will change the way you think and give you the ability to make each call count!

What you will get from this webinar:

How to build up your confidence to find new business opportunities
How to identify your phone targets
Understanding the only three types of calls you need to make
How to build a call structure and creating a perfect pitch
Tips & techniques on how to get through to the decision maker