Digital Leadership Masterclass

The world of work has now become even more increasingly complex, organizations and leaders are called upon to think differently and predict the future whilst creating innovative products and services on a more frequent basis, while maintaining a dynamic and gratifying company culture.

This 2-hour virtual masterclass is designed for leaders to embrace “Digital First – The New Medium” and drive the necessary change in their organisation. Providing the foundational knowledge needed to understand how to think differently in an uncertain world and how teams can work more efficiently and effectively, the workshop is a combination of instruction and team-based exercises where executives will experience how agile leadership improves staff morale and sense making drives thought Leadership.

Virtual Training Methodology

The online masterclass is delivered through:

  • A combination of virtual keynote and digital practical exercises, virtual gamification along with digital documents and content.
  • Individual and groups work through breakout rooms to develop skills learned on the masterclass.

Masterclass Itinerary:

  • 30 minutes – Opening Keynote and audience participation
  • 30 minutes – Group actions (into breakrooms in Webex/Zoom)
  • 30 minutes – Individual delivery from the group learnings and interactions
  • 30 minutes – Closing Keynote with 3 clear actions to takeaway and apply.


2nd February 2021


13:30 (GMT)