6 Steps To Boost Your Sales Using Social Media


  • My Six step formula to building your social media presence and increasing sales
  • Why being “niche” market focused wins business
  • Win new business at ZERO cost
  • Social media marketing doesn’t need a TEAM
  • What 67% of your potential customer are thinking about
  • How ONE action can increase lead generation by 200%
  • The best social network for your business
  • Successfully integrate your marketing strategy across all social networks
  • Develop a social media plan using proven templates
  • Set goals and objectives, and measure your success.



6 Steps To Boost Your Sales Using Social Media


In this live and free 1 hour webinar, I will take you through my “Six Step Path To Purpose” to help you understand how-to use social media to boost your sales!

My 8 years of social media experience, along with my 25 years sales & marketing experience, has helped me truly understand what small businesses NEED to take their business to be a six or seven figures business, just like I have.

In this exclusive 1 hour webinar, I will share with you my 6 secrets to drive more connections, more leads and more sales through the strategic use of social media.