Social Media Masterclass

Taking his passion for helping people to Think #Digital First, Warren designs bespoke social media and digital marketing Masterclass that shows you how to market your business, increase sales, build brand awareness and engage with brand advocates.

His webinar How to do your Social Media in 30 Minutes Per Day has helped thousands of business owners build an online presence by using social media to accelerate business growth with a weekly strategy and a 90 day plan, driven by a 12 month sales and marketing strategy.


Warren has trained thousands of business people from ambitious start-ups to corporate high flyers. His energy and dynamic approach keeps a room engaged for eight hours a day and the results speak for themselves: Delegates have often increased their online presence by 1500% and sales by up to 500%.

After training with Warren you will:

  1. Know how to listen in to any online conversation that’s relevant to your business goals.
  2. Be able to take your brand’s voice online and know which timesaving tools to use to engage (and have the tools in place to do this on a daily basis).
  3. Understand how to use tools to analyse data from a marketing campaign and implement key performance indicators (KPI) to focus on helping business

What others say

  • “Wow, fresh off a social media training bootcamp with Warren. He really knows his stuff. I thought I was a better than the average social media user, but I quickly realised within 15 minutes of the bootcamp that there are so many more social media strategies, tools, and techniques I had never heard of that can really help my own businesses and those of our clients to grow and win new customers. Thanks Warren.”

    Daryl Woodhouse - CEO MIoEE

  • "Warren is passionate about business and marketing and I can highly recommend his Social Media workshops. I came away inspired and motivated. I have been working with Warren for several months and he has grown our business and presence on the internet by far."

    Jane Means - Director at Jane Means LTD

  • "I am still buzzing from a social media training workshop run by Warren. A 'masterclass' in every sense of the word. The inter-active session was relevant and extremely well presented in a style that was authoritative yet with flexibility for individual questions to be fully answered. I now have far greater understanding of how to 'join up the dots' in this fast-changing environment and while it was an extremely intensive day I now know what I don't know which means I am better equipped to find out! If you get a chance to attend one of Warren's classes then don't hesitate to sign up... it will be worth every penny."

    Judith Wojtowicz - Corporate Communications and Freelance Writer

  • “I decided to attend Warren's social media workshop after seeing him give a speech at a networking event. I had a feeling that I would get a lot for my money by listening to this man speak for three hours, but nothing prepared me for what was to come. In three hours I learned more than I did in an entire module of university. A lot to take in, but I religiously took it all down. Within 24 hours of implementing these, combined with a clear strategy - my social media activity skyrocketed resulting in website visits increased by at least 1500%. Without any doubt, the best money I've spent all year. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

    Jessica Zoo - Co-Founder of Social Media Mentors and Creator of Cheerobics® Fitness