Creating Social Media Micro-Content With Long-Tail SEO

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Creating Social Media Micro-Content With Long-Tail SEO

It can be difficult to make sure that your business is ranking highly based on your keywords on both Google and on social. Standing out amongst the chatter is one of the hardest things to do on social media especially with the increasing domination of social media in the marketing industry.

It is important that you see both short-term and long-term results from your SEO which is why you need to create micro content on a regular basis for social in order to create the best possible results seen from long-tail SEO.

With long-tail having a higher overall click-through rate with 56% of searches for phrases of four words, it is ideal for businesses to choose longer phrases for their SEO as opposed to shorter or one word phrases.

Creating Social Media Micro-Content With Long-Tail SEO

This, however does not mean the same approach should be taken when considering social. Focusing on creating lots of micro-moments of social success will help you build a meaningful relationship and increase readership on every post.

While both may seem different, the use of micro-content and long-tail SEO is to achieve the same results in the long-term. Your SEO strategy should consist of keyword phrases across your whole website in both long-form and short-form content creation as well as considering site usability, off-page optimization, link building and anchor text.

Micro-content requires creation of images, copy, long-form content, video’s and other types of information to fuel engagement on your social channel.

Here are three tips to help you create a long-term plan for long-tail SEO and micro-content;

1. In-depth content

Content is what will give you an edge over your competitor and creating unique, compelling content in the form of blog posts, video’s and infographics is a great way to combine both long-tail and micro-content. Make sure that when you write a blog, you use the right long-tail keyword phrases for your business and then create micro-content (social media posts) based on this content to boost engagement and SEO.

2. Be specific with your long-tail keywords

Make sure that you are not spreading yourself too thin when it comes to using long-tail keywords. Only stick to phrases that are congruent with the message you are sharing on social media and what your business is all about.

3. Scale your content creation

Content marketing is used by 90% of marketers to reach their audiences. A successful way to execute content creation is to always increase the amount of quality content you are producing.

How are you creating your micro-content and long tail SEO?


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