Save Time: Schedule Your Message Across Multiple Social Networks

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Save Time: Schedule Your Message Across Multiple Social Networks

When it comes to social media, the biggest turn off for businesses is that it takes too long. I always find people asking me after one of my talks about social media how I find the time in my day to spend on social and my answer is always the same; I only spend 20 minutes on my social media a day. Here are the tools I use to help me schedule my social content every week.

Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn & Google+ = Hootsuite

For Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ I use the same scheduling tool called Hootsuite. I have been using this tool for years and swear by it for all of the mentioned networks. Its free to use (there is an option to upgrade but as a small business, this isn’t needed) and is very simple to navigate.

You are able to schedule posts for whenever you want and for as many networks as you want. If you have one message that you want to go across the four mentioned networks, in a click of a button, it will automatically post at the time you have selected.

Pinterest = Viralwoot

Pinterest has yet to be integrated into Hootsuite however there is a tool specific to Pinterest that you can use to schedule posts called Viralwoot. Again, free to use; Viralwoot is a similar looking dashboard to Hootsuite and is just as easy to use. As well as scheduling pins, you can also promote your pins, follow accounts, repin and like pins.

Instagram = Schedugram

Unfortunately, Instagram scheduling isn’t as simple as it is for all of the networks mentioned above however, there is a tool you can use called Schedugram. For $13 a month, you can schedule posts out on one Instagram account. If you want it for me accounts, the monthly fee will increase.

Although it is a paid tool, it will pay off if Instagram is one of your best performing social networks and this is the best tool around, for now.

One thing I will mention is that JUST scheduling all of your social media activity isn’t beneficial to your online audience. You should have posts scheduled throughout the week, but don’t forget that real-time interaction is crucial for increase your online audience, especially on Twitter.

Complimentary Webinar

As an avid social media user for no more than 30 minutes a day, there are a lot of tips and tricks that I can share with you if you want to save time scheduling your social media. I will be holding a complimentary webinar on “How to Do Your Social Media in 30 Minutes Per Day” at 4PM on the 23rd of July. Spaces are running out quickly so if you want to save time, sign up to my webinar here.

Are you ready to save time by scheduling on social media?


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