Getting Your Business Ready for 2013

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With Halloween now over, everyone is turning their attention to Christmas. The next few months are going to be the busiest for most businesses and its important for you to have your business ready for the Christmas season, and especially 2013.

The competition in each business sector is so strong that it can be hard for the small businesses when they go unnoticed. The key to making sure your business is ready for Christmas and the New Year is to have a plan. Without a plan, the structure of your business will fall to pieces and you will not only find the next few months stressful, but also the whole of 2013. Having a marketing strategy in place will lead to success and is great for preparation, as proved with my client case study Dave Fletcher.

The importance of being “social” is now more apparent than ever. Having a presence on Social Media as well as integrating certain tools into your website will help with customer service and also brand awareness. Although Social Media is a big part of online revenue, don’t forget about the rest of your sales and marketing strategy; A successful business is not just about Social Media.

Your business is all about defining your online voice and making sure you have something to say and this come back to you business goals, marketing strategy and will then flow into your social media campaign.

Offering a Multi-Channel experience to your customers is a great way to embrace the new year. With the ability to purchase inside of Social Media and on Mobile or Tablet, using all these platforms will give you a better chance of obtaining a customer.

When looking at taking your business to the next level you need to define your position in the business. Are you willing to be an influencer within your business and beyond? If so, it would be a good idea to look into becoming a professional speaker. This isn’t to say it will happen overnight as it, didn’t with me but over time, it will give you a lot of credibility within your industry, just like it has with me in Social Media and Digital Commerce.

Another way to get your business ready for Christmas and beyond is to have a strategy for blogging. If you aren’t already blogging, I suggest you do, at least once a week. There are some great platforms out there like WordPress or Tumblr that are free and can be integrated into your website, just like I have with my Warren Knight and Gloople website.

If you would like to learn more about how to get your business ready for 2013, I will be holding a Social Media Masterclass on the 28th November in London from 1-5pm. I will be helping you with your Social Media Strategy as well as getting started on the top 5 social networks and how to ultimately increase revenue. You can book your ticket here.

Are you ready for 2013?


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