30 Ways to Drive Traffic to your Online Store

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One of the biggest questions is “How can I drive more traffic to my website?”.

Here is 30 different ways a small businesses owner can drive traffic to their online store;

  1. If you’re launching a new site, or new content, write an introduction nd submit it to share sites like DiggReddit and Now Public.
  2. Create a Yahoo Group in the niche your site is a part of.
  3. Bookmark your site on Del.icio.us and if you’re really keen, add a Del.icio.us button to your homepage.
  4. Create a Technorati account and “claim” your blog.
  5. Submit your site to free, search engine friendly directories. An excellent list can be found here.
  6. Place a free ad for your company on Gumtree.
  7. Syndicate your site’s content by using an RSS feeds.
  8. Submit your RSS feeds to agregator sites like FeedBurnerSquidooFeedboyJordomedia, FeedBomb, FeedCat, rssmad, feeddirectory and feedfury. Stolen from DigitalPoint
  9. Write an article related to your site and submit it to article sites.
  10. Sign up to StumbleUpon and get your friends to Stumble your site.
  11. Add a link to your site in the signature of any forums you post on.
  12. Buy enough hosting. No one likes a slow site.
  13. Don’t worry about PageRank – stressing about PageRank is as effective as trying to solve an algebra equation by chewing bubblegum.
  14. Offer something for free. Free is good. People tell their friends about free stuff.
  15. Offer your users as many ways as possible to contact you. MSN, Skype, Yahoo etc all complement email, phone and a real address.
  16. Advertise your site on Craigslist. It’s free, relevant and localised.
  17. Submit your site to DMOZ.org. It may take time, but it’s worth it.
  18. Create an XML sitemap of your site and submit it to Google.
  19. Sign up with an affiliate programme to sell your product, or if you’re a publish, make some cash!
  20. On your Contact Page ask people if they mind receiving your newsletter.
  21. Send out a newsletter.
  22. Go to a free seminar for Website owners. You might learn something.
  23. Find quality and relevant blogs and leave a comment (with a link back to your site of course).
  24. YouTube and Google Video are excellent portals on which to launch a viral campaign.
  25. Giving away an eBook is an excellent way to generate word-of-mouth about your site.
  26. Contribute to related subject areas on Wikipedia.
  27. Ask bloggers and other Web site owners to review your site and/or products.
  28. Have user friendly page names – most tools comes with some way to avoid http://www.yourdomain.com/pgInfoPage…CFE3AEDAF8DD9D
  29. Tell your local mag about your site. These newspapers are desperate for stories and you may well even get a pic of your ugly website published.
  30. Last but not least Social Media – Using Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and the new Google+

What other ways can you think of to help drive traffic to your website?


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