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With businesses falling over themselves to set up Facebook marketing campaigns, you might be forgiven for wondering when Twitter was going to jump on the bandwagon. Well, it’s started. Promoted tweets are exactly what it says on the tin – tweets that promote your business.

Why pay for promoted tweets when your own organic tweets can do the same thing? we hear you ask. Well, although promoted tweets are clearly labelled as such (including all the things you can do with organic tweets like retweet, reply, and favourite) they do enjoy some advantages that can help you reach a wider audience or more of your existing followers – sparking the type of engagement that can really help your business go stratospheric.

Mainly, your promoted tweets can be seen in a variety of places. They pop up at the top of relevant search results. If the targeted user is a follower, then promoted tweets appear on their own timeline.

Tweets with hashtags that are also being promoted by an advertiser mean that those clicking on the tweet will see a promoted tweet in the details pane. They also see one when they click on a shared promoted trend.

But don’t forget that whilst the differences between promoted and organic tweets are important, the similarities are too. Promoted tweets start out as regular tweets, so they fit into the Twitter landscape easily, differentiating them from traditional advertising. At the moment they are only available on, but their popularity means that syndication with Hootsuite and TweetDeck is fast approaching.

Fancy being an early adopter? Check out Twitter Help to find out how to get on board. It could be the break your business has been waiting for!


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