How To Get Onto The First 7 Pages of Google

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This is not something I would normally do, but wanted to share something amazing that happen to me and Gloople yesterday.

By putting in a little work and making sure you have a good website, a social media presence and with ONE Press Release submitted to free online press distribution websites, you can see below how much of an effect your brand can have in Google, with Bloggers and Tweeters.

A simple search in Google for the title of the press release, resulted in every link being on the FIRST 7 pages of Google in less than 24hrs.

We had a press release written by an expert, and then submitted it to various online PR companies and here are the results in less than 24 hours.

The next Image is Page 7 in Google

A blogger writes about Gloople

On Twitter a social media specialist read the press release and Tweeted about Gloople

Google picks up the different Keywords and sends it through as an Alert

If you would like the list of online PR companies, please contact me and I would love to hear your success stories.


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