See how Amazon will raise the bar on the online fashion world

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Amazon wants to raise the bar on the online fashion world just as Zappos has done (acquired by Amazon in 2009).

Responding to talk show host Charlie Rose’s question on what Amazon is currently working on, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos responded:

“If you want a preview of where we’re headed with apparel go look at the denim category, go look at women’s jeans on Amazon. That’ll give you a little insight into our future.”


“I tell you something that is not right out apparent, but it’s getting a huge amount of focus within the company – and it is apparel. We are having a lot of sales growth in apparel.(…)

Historically clothing has always been a number one mail order category even pre-internet. And we make it really easy for people to try stuff on – by making it easy to return.
We try to get people not make feel guilty about it. Try three pair of jeans and return two of them. It’s okay, don’t worry about it. It’s okay with us.”


Amazon has been testing their denim shop since November. In June they informed their shop partners about the up and coming requirements. In the aforementioned jeans category for example, it is obvious how much Amazon is working with quick views (interactive AJAX pop up windows), with which users can buy or bookmark products without needing to click through to the product details page.

The first part of the interview revolves around the Kindle and Amazon’s eBook strategy. A row of various forward looking topics are covered in the second half. Although Amazon’s Facebook integration was not explicitly covered, the role of social media in the purchase decision was mentioned. And Jeff Bezos reveals himself to be a great fan of word-of-mouth propaganda.

Warren Knight thanks Jochen Krisch who Originally and was, adapted by Jason Soo


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