VibrantOS: Waiting for the Ultimate Live Shopping System

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In the next years we at Exciting Commerce are expecting a new generation of high grade, specialized shopping systems. Such shopping systems will be developed to serve the e-commerce market for live and event shopping far better than today’s conventional systems.

The Evolving Dynamism of E-commerce

VibrantOS (“feel the vibe of liveshopping”) was announced last week and is one of the most noteworthy open source initiatives moving in this direction, even if still in it’s very early stages:

_vibrantOS “So why release a version of vibrantOS, at this early stage? – Because we want vibrantOS to build a strong and ever growing communtiy as soon as possible and keep the ideas and suggestions flowing.”

Even now, many e-commerce experts don’t see why this new business model needs new system solutions and expect that business needs can be solved at the feature level and/or at the module level.

But in the end, there are obvious reasons why Woot!, iBOOD, Vente-Privée and others have preferred to go with custom built solutions. Indeed, the requirements of a dynamic sales model is vastly different than a static model.

The optimal live shopping system would enable simple and effective planning and the control of very quickly changing products. It must handle critical moments in a stable manner (such as at the start of a sales campaign), and in addition be outfitted with communications and interactive elements.

With its name, vibrantOS already starts its journey in the right direction, since the goal is not simply to take over shopping or product administration, but in the long run rather to be seen as an “operating system” for e-commerce.

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