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We saw a lot of returning regulars in this week’s Top 20 Facebook Pages, as measured by Inside Facebook’s PageData tool that counts the growth of fans on Pages. Zynga’s pair of winning games was split up by the KitKat candy Page, although that seemed to be due to a Page consolidation. Musicians, food and the iPad rounded out the list.

Top Gainers This Week

Name Fans Gain↓ Gain, %
1. Texas Hold’em Poker 16,105,739 +666,746 +4.32
2. Kitkat 764,544 +299,128 +64.27
3. Mafia Wars 11,202,577 +268,230 +2.45
4. The Last Song 470,419 +181,388 +62.76
5. Justin Bieber 2,609,525 +169,884 +6.96
6. The Artifice 3,426,165 +115,404 +3.49
7. Facebook 7,979,756 +109,523 +1.39
8. Lady Gaga 6,041,889 +106,458 +1.79
9. Mozilla Firefox 1,249,700 +88,841 +7.65
10. Ricky Martin 278,608 +80,905 +40.92
11. American Eagle Outfitters 994,185 +79,972 +8.75
12. YouTube 4,663,008 +76,496 +1.67
13. Starbucks 6,491,098 +69,596 +1.08
14. Kellogg’s Pop-Tarts 1,322,815 +58,763 +4.65
15. McDonald’s 2,024,143 +56,277 +2.86
16. adidas Originals 2,720,810 +55,203 +2.07
17. The Twilight Saga 5,430,299 +51,326 +0.95
18. iTunes 3,369,925 +51,127 +1.54
19. Skittles 4,163,902 +49,719 +1.21
20. Michael Jackson 11,441,294 +48,386 +0.42

Zynga’s Texas Hold’em Poker took first place again this week, adding almost 667,000 fans to its total of more than 16.1 million fans and the company’s Mafia Wars was number three this week, adding 268,000 fans to come out with 11.2 million. These two games are obviously very popular but both continue to promote limited-time-only-type of specials that add hundreds of thousands of fans. On Mafia Wars’ Page this week we saw Zynga promoting its new game, Treasure Isle.

Splitting the two up this week was KitKat, which had no noticeable growth other than on Wednesday when it grew by more than 293,000, signaling an official Page consolidation.

Then we had a bunch of musicians and musician-related Pages on the list this week.

The number 4 spot went to the teeny bopper romantic movie “The Last Song,” starring Miley Cyrus of “Hannah Montana” fame trying to shake that childish persona with this new movie in theaters now. The Page added 181,400 fans last week, a lot considering there’s only 470,000 or so total.

Following one teenager is another, fifth place Justin Bieber, who was everywhere, prompting his Page to grow by almost 170,000 fans. It now totals more than 2.6 million. Bieber had an MTV special, premiered a video, made the rounds on U.S. talk shows, performed at the White House for Easter and had a number 1 album last week. Lady Gaga, also currently on tour, took the number 8 spot adding 106,400 fans to break the 6 million fan mark.

Puerto Rican singer Ricky Martin also landed on our list this week at number 10 — but for reasons have nothing to do with his music. The singer announced on his blog that he was homosexual on Monday, triggering huge growth for two days, and declining growth thereafter to add almost 81,000 fans to a total of 278,600. Michael Jackson’s Page rounded out the list at number 20 this week, adding 48,000 fans to 11.4 million others who miss the King of Pop.

Another big category on the list this week was food.

Starbucks’ Page was thirteenth on the list, adding 69,600 fans to almost reach 6.5 million fans; the company launch an iPhone app that allows you to pay with your phone last week, other than that, it seems that people really just love Starbucks. The Page for Kellogg’s Pop-Tarts, which are breakfast pastries, followed, adding 58,700 fans to more than 1.3 million and the only interesting thing happening on the Page last week seemed to be promotion of songs about Pop-Tarts.

At number 15 was McDonald’s, which added 56,300 fans to push the Page past 2 million, but we couldn’t tell why. Then Skittles’ Page was on the list against at number 19, adding almost 50,000 fans with a total of 4.1 million fans.

The middle of the list was a mixed bag of Pages that grew for no grand reasons that we could see.

The Artifice at number 6 adding 115,400 fans to grow to 3.4 million and Facebook’s Page at number 7 (maybe because the comment period for the new privacy policy?) adding 109,500 fans to push the Page just under 8 million. Then Mozilla Firefox took the number 9 slot adding 88,800 fans to give it a new total of 1.2 million, American Eagle Outfitters was eleventh after adding almost 80,000 fans to a total of 994,000, YouTube was on the list again this week adding 76,500 fans and now with 4.6 million fans.

Adidas Originals’ Page added 55,200 fans for a total of 2.7 million and landed at number 16; one reason may have been the launch of a line of shoes for the World Cup. Then the Twilight Saga’s Page added 51,300 fans, now totals 5.4 million, perhaps because the young stars of the film have been nominated at the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards and MTV Movie Awards?

Finally, the iPad seems to have made an indirect appearance on our list this week. Apple doesn’t have a Facebook Page, but iTunes and its new App Store do, consequently the iTunes Page grew by 51,100 fans this week to more than 3.3 million fans. That also could be related to the launch of a new version of the Page with more features from the iTunes site.

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