How to blog to optimise the SEO of your site

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This blog post gives some quick tips and advice for SEO-newbies into how blogging can be used to optimise the SEO of your website.

Some SEO basics

  • – Google loves relevant content
  • – Google loves well-structured content
  • – Google loves very focused content
  • – Google loves content that is loved by other people (i.e. content that is linked to)
  • – Google loves content that is loved by popular people
  • – Google loves content that is connected to other popular people

What this means when you blog – 11 tips on optimising for SEO

  • 1) Write content that is very focused and relevant.
  • 2) Make sure your blog post has a tight focused title – always thinking “what terms / question / phrase would someone search for?”  For example, if you’re wanting to target keen bloggers, then they’re always interested in finding out “how to optimise the seo of my blog” – so give it as the title of your post!
  • 3) Make sure that the link of the blog post (which is often auto-generated from the title of the blog post) contains the relevant search terms.
  • 4) Make sure the opening paragraph repeats those key phrases – as the opening 30 or so words are the ones are judged as being particularly important.
  • 6) Keep repeating key phrases and terms throughout the blog post, and remember to do the relevant linking.  Don’t go over board though – as this may look like SPAM to Google’s bots.
  • 7) Include other relevant content in your blog posting – so maybe include a relevant YouTube video, or post a relevant (and tagged) image.  This all adds to the richness and relevance of the blog.
  • 8) To show your blog post is connected and influential, drop is some links to other more influential sites.  e.g. You may link to the Brand Republic site, if you’re talking about advertising – to indicate that you’re connected to other sites.
  • 9) Once you’ve written your blog, make sure it’s linked to by other sites.  N.B. the more influential the site linking to you, the better.  So for example, Digg the blog via, or link to the blog from another blog – e.g. the Team Rubber blog.  To do this you might do a weekly blog round up of the best Team Rubber postings.  You should also obviously Tweet the post – to optimise the opportunity for the blog being picked up by others.
  • 10) Finally – remember to write interestingly and well.  After all, much of the success of your blog post will be down to the how people enjoy and share your blog / content.  If people think it’s great, then they’ll do the link sharing for you!
  • 11) Finally #2 – consider how someone might find your post out of context, and make sure it ends with the right kind of call to action – e.g. you might write an end line along the lines of “If you’re interested in this, then you may be interested in the Social Commerce, which provides great fun ads for the best blogs and sites.

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