Sony generates over £1m in sales through Twitter

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Sony Vaio’s Twitter account has generated over £1m in sales, the technology giant has revealed.

Speaking at Marketing Week’s Social Media for Brand Building event yesterday, Sony head of corporate communications Nick Sharples said the company sees Twitter as a viable sales platform as well as a tool to amplify PR activity.

Speakers from brands including Diageo and MyDeco at the event agreed that social media delivers results but insisted it must always be used alongside more traditional channels.

Sharples said, “The marketing budget is now skewed to wards integrated campaigns and includes PR and social media at the inception of a marketing campaign. Even if we decide to run a big above-the-line campaign or focus on TV, we’ll apply social media amplification.”

Sony launched a campaign for a special edition of its Cyber-shot camera range last year and used social media to extend PR coverage over nine months, resulting in over £12.5m in revenue.

Interior website My deco, which is boosting its social media activity ahead of its full launch (nma 25 February 2010) said a brand being able to harness social relationships online was the holy grail.

Nicole Vanderbilt, CEO of My deco, said, “If you can find a way to harness what family and friends are saying to each other, it’s really powerful.” thanks


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