Google appoints Essence to manage Chrome account

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Google has appointed digital agency Essence to manage the online media account for its Chrome browser.

The agency will launch an online pan-European campaign across eight countries, including the UK, France, Germany and Spain, to reach an estimated 178m internet users.

It will include home-page takeovers, display ads and the creation of a social application that lets existing Chrome users wrap the browser in their favourite theme and share it with others at Give Google Chrome.

Obi Felten, head of consumer marketing at Google EMEA, said, “The planning effort for this campaign has been complex, partly due to the scale of activity, partly due to our strategy of primarily using online media supported by offline, rather than the other way round.”

In December Google appointed Glue and BBH Labs to create the global communications strategy and creative for Google Chrome (nma 3 December 2009). thanks NMA once again


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