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My vision is to help 100,000 companies go through a profound digital transformation of their business and organisational sales and marketing activities by 2020


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    Inspirational Digital Transformation talks that create change today

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    Applying a powerful methodology to your digital marketing effectively

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What others say

  • He gave our team some amazing insights to all social media platforms, introduced us to some great tools for enhancing the message we can provide and fabulous systems for organisation and analysis. He kept the room engaged and entertained, and everyone left with valuable and easy to implement tools that we are incredibly grateful for. A true expert and a speaker we’d readily recommend to any organisation.”

    Jade Harris Marketing Manager - Dermalogica®

  • Warren is one of those inspiring, motivational coaches who has the knowledge and background to add substance to his advice. The particular areas he has helped my business and also for others in our network are social media, finance, strategy, focus, ecommerce, sales, and digital marketing. Great fun too.

    Daryl Woodhouse - Advantage Business Partnerships Ltd

  • StartUp Britain was honoured to have Warren present on how startups can use social media marketing to better understand their customers in ‘Technology 4 StartUp Britain Week’.

    Warren’s outstanding presenting capabilities enabled him to really engage with the audience and the feedback from his presentation all emphasised how informative and valuable Warren’s social media advice is. I recommend anyone who wants to learn how to harness the power of social media in their business to get in touch with Warren.

    Lorna Bladen - Marketing & Business Development Consultant

  • Warren Knight is a true digital genius; he has presented at 2 of our events where he enthralled and entertained our audiences with his detailed knowledge, patient listening skills and charming personality. Warren also helped us the develop our own social marketing strategies which we are now getting on track. I would thoroughly recommend Warren as a presenter, trainer or mentor in the area of social and digital marketing

    Andrew Hammond - Co-Founder & Director Topaz Consulting

  • Warren was both professional and great at engaging with the audience at our event in December with over 80% of our delegates attending saying his seminars were very good and very informative. I would recommend Warren and his services and I would continue to use him in the future.

    Carlos Dieguez Event Sales Executive at Forum Events Ltd, Internet Marketing Summit

  • Warren is a truly inspirational speaker. He kept the room engaged and the feedback from each of the delegates was glowing. It is always a positive sign when the queue to talk to Warren was longer than the hot buffet lunch line. His book is an excellent read full of simple steps to successful digital marketing, which can easily be implemented in to any business.

    Karen Dehal Event Executive at Winning Moves Ltd and Business Growth Unlimited

  • Warren came to give a talk entitled "Social Media in 30 Minutes". The event was an inspiration and we not only learned about how to manage our social media in that timeframe but were also given excellent and easy to use tips. If you're looking for a book to guide you through your social media needs, you can't go wrong with his: Think #Digital First. Highly recommended...

    Nikki Ayton Creative Project Manager for OBB & Freelancer in Social Media Marketing

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